How DataChef helped Brenntag build a data platform on AWS following Data Mesh principles

an illustration to describe Brenntag

Who is Brenntag?

Brenntag is a German chemical distribution company founded in 1874 (as an egg trader! ;-) ) in Berlin. The company is Headquartered in Essen, Germany, and has operations in more than 77 countries worldwide, with 17,000 employees. Listed on the stock market since 2010, privately held prior to that. As of September 20, 2021, Brenntag has become part of Germany's leading stock index DAX.

Why are we there?

Brenntag has big ambitions to strengthen its position as a market leader by modernizing the way they do business. To be able to meet those ambitions, they need a strong technical foundation. One of the key components is a next-generation data platform that is built on AWS. DataChef joined Brenntag to help build this platform and use their available data the most.

How we helped Brenntag

  • Creating the architecture for the data platform.
  • Introducing a CDC solution and employing the solution to liberate data from the various ERP systems across Brenntag.
  • Enabling the Salesforce roll-out by providing data products that feed Salesforce.
  • Introduce a data discovery service, that can be used to discover and promote all current and future data products.

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