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We deliver data mesh on AWS

DataChef is a big data consultancy, based in the Hague. We help modern marketing and sales teams by demystifying data and simplifying information.

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is a digital car platform that enables customers to buy used cars online. The project started inside LeasePlan (a company specializing in car leasing) in 2017.
DataChef was involved in the "carve-out" project to provide the underlying system to enable business functioning independent of LeasePlan.

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is the world’s largest dairy cooperative producing dairy-based beverages, cheeses, desserts, and infant and sports nutrition products.
DataChef helped FrieslandCampina move its cloud infrastructure to AWS and build its data platform.

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is a leading agriculture company helping improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to use available resources better.
DataChef helped Syngenta with its Data Science Platform and an extensive project on analyzing environmental conditions and their effect on plant growth.

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PostNL specializes in mail, parcels, and e-commerce. The company provides universal delivery in the Netherlands. Additionally, it provides cross-border delivery services.
DataChef aided in the realization of this ambition through the creation of a real-time data platform and development procedures for the management of data products.

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is the largest cable operator in the Netherlands, providing television, internet, and telephone services to approximately 4 million homes.
DataChef helped Vodafone Ziggo by providing an ML solution to identify unhappy customers and prevent customer churn by proactively supporting them.

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