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Automatic Data Discovery for your siloed data
Amundsen is an open-source data discovery engine introduced in 2019 by Lyft. By providing a holistic view of your data ecosystem from a single place, Amundsen helps to discover available data automatically, understand them, share team efforts and assess data quality while democratizing access. DataChef’s offering, verified by AWS Team as a free marketplace product, installs Amundsen with a mere click on your cloud platform and will be up and running in less than 30 minutes. Our offering allows onboarding corporate users in no time using their email addresses and is compatible with most legacy and modern frameworks. We will also bring you up to speed with our crash course training and educational documents.

Why do we use it?

On your own cloud,
in no time

Deployed in less than 30 minutes on your own cloud platform


Always on top of your data and their owners

Assess Data

Quickly verify the data, its completeness, and reliability.

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