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With Cost Monitoring Construct, you can easily monitor the costs of your applications. Establish boundaries between managers and developers and share responsibility. Be notified of any budget overruns.

How it was before!

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Guessing your budget blindly!

Spending hours and hours try to predict the potential cost of your products. Digging into AWS Cost Explorer dashboard, realizing the tagging strategy is not effectively helping you to isolate the cost of your desired application.
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Poor notification hygiene

Experiencing a lot of false positive alerts and suddenly missing the one that matters. And consequently being late to prevent the disaster.

How it should be?


Put in the one-time configuration in your application

Use the tiny snippet suited to your stack, and you are ready to go. Need more configuration? Dive deeper and craft it to your own needs!

Sit back and relax!

With adequate cost information in place and an alerting strategy of your choice defined, your team will be continuously informed about your infrastructure costs and forecast changes.

Enjoy your holistic cloud cost overview

With the seamless integration provided by Cost Monitoring Construct, you will immediately have access to useful and practical insights, for any dashboarding solution you use. AWS Cost Explorer? Datadog? You name it!

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Road Map


  • Cost Monitoring Construct is a CDK library that helps monitor costs for AWS cloud infrastructure resources, such as virtual machines, storage, and network traffic. It allows you to set budgets and alerts to ensure that you don't overspend on your cloud resources.

  • Cloud services can get very expensive, very quickly, especially if you are not careful with your usage. Cost Monitoring Construct helps you to keep an eye on your cloud infrastructure costs so that you can stay within budget. By setting budgets and defining alert strategies, you can take proactive steps to reduce costs before they become a problem.

  • Cost Monitoring Construct uses AWS Tagging practice to track resources related to an specific application, creates proper alert with respect to the defined budget limit and provide overview dashbords. The tool is highly customizable and allows you to customize it to your budgeting strategy based on your specific needs.