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Fully Automated End-to-End Recommender System
DataChef’s RecSys is a fully automated end-to-end recommender system based on recent deep learning techniques. RecSys is highly flexible to your business needs, and it is fully compatible with your other AWS solutions. RecSys automatically provisions the required resources and implements the entire pipeline of the recommender system within your AWS account with just a few clicks. RecSys is a general-purpose recommender system that can be applied to various industrial domains and supports various types of interactions and entities. RecSys consists of a hybrid of collaborative filtering and content-based machine learning models to better recommending the entities to the end-users. In addition, RecSys implements an easy-to-use admin panel for customizing and initializing the workflow and provides a dashboard for reporting and visualizing the business KPIs.

Why do we use it?

Easy to Scale

Easy scaling by automatically provisioning the required resources

Your Data Stays
with You

Data securely stored and processed in your own AWS account

Modular Design

Allowing easy replacement or updates without affecting the rest of the system

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