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Tracing and Monitoring for your applications on AWS
Sentry is an application monitoring and error-tracking tool. It enables teams to resolve issues quickly before it affects customers. The advantage of Sentry over other solutions is that it helps with root cause analysis by providing traces of the application state when the issue occurred. You can read more about its features at With DataChef’s recipe for deploying Sentry on AWS, you can have all Sentry features with an easy deployment solution. We have leveraged best practices for deploying sentry on AWS, such as making important data persistent. This recipe uses different AWS services like RDS to ensure Sentry is highly available and your data has backups. We update and maintain the recipe so you can always benefit from new features without a hassle. By running sentry on your account, you can ensure your data will never leave your environment, and you only pay for what you use.

Why do we use it?


Providing end-to-end visibility into the request flow across multiple services and components

Productivity for

Helping developers quickly pinpoint the source of problems and take action to resolve them


Providing real-time visibility into the system's health, allowing fast detection of potential issues.

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