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This is my unique vocabulary “Alan Weiss”
  • Contingent (adjective)
    “Resilience” is a contingent response, meaning you’re going to make the best of a failure or setback.
  • Cofounded (verb)
    One was Ben Tregoe, who cofounded Kepler-Tregoe in Princeton, and with whom I worked from 1972 to 1983, and had a continuing relationship with until his death in 2005.
This is my unique vocabulary “Joel Spolsky”
  • Upmarket (noun)
    This story will be interesting to follow for anyone making pricing decisions about software and trying to move upmarket.
  • Nullsoft (adjective)
    Back in 2003, Nullsoft shipped a new version of Winamp, with the following notice on their website: Snazzy new look!
This is my unique vocabulary “Andrew Warner”
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This is my unique vocabulary “Paul Graham”
  • Outlying (verb)
    But the most successful founder we've funded so far, Sam Altman, was 19 at the time.Sam Altman, however, is an outlying data point.
  • Essense (none)
    In essense, let the market design the produ
This is my unique vocabulary “Hiten Shah”
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This is my unique vocabulary “Guy Raz”
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