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This is my unique vocabulary “Alan Weiss”
  • Contingent (adjective)
    “Resilience” is a contingent response, meaning you’re going to make the best of a failure or setback.
  • Cogent (adjective)
    Very often I'm asked, "How can you write so many books?" While there are cogent answers to the question, I'm weary of the question, so I respond, "I focus on volume and not accuracy."
This is my unique vocabulary “Joel Spolsky”
  • Vacuous (adjective)
    The software worlds are so huge and complicated and multifaceted that when I see otherwise intelligent people writing blog entries saying something vacuous like “Microsoft is bad at operating systems,” frankly, they just look dumb.
  • Snafus (verb)
    You'll learn how we completely avoided air travel snafus, what equipment we brought along, and more.
This is my unique vocabulary “Andrew Warner”
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This is my unique vocabulary “Paul Graham”
  • Outlying (adjective)
    But the most successful founder we've funded so far, Sam Altman, was 19 at the time.Sam Altman, however, is an outlying data point.
  • Kleptocracies (noun)
    But this is mainly due to the erosion of the kleptocracies that formerly dominated all the poorer countries
This is my unique vocabulary “Hiten Shah”
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This is my unique vocabulary “Guy Raz”
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